Entertainment 101: How It Really All Works

This is the first book in the Gig Coach series, and it covers important things you need to know about the entertainment business. The vast majority of what the average lay person (non-entertainer) thinks about the business of selling entertainment is far more glamorous and mysterious than it really is. This book takes you behind the scenes for a candid look at the professional entertainers lifestyle, and the ups and downs you can expect in this career. This book is a "Must Read" for anyone wanting to get paid to perform.   Email: TheGigCoach@aol.com for more information.

Hiring an Agent: Good Move or Waste of Time?

One of the most pervasive beliefs among performers trying to break in to the entertainment business, is that if you can just "get and agent" you will be on your way to all the gigs you want to play; So is that true? Is having an agent the big break you are looking for? This revealing book demystifies the world of booking agents and managers, and how they can help you, or hurt.   Email: TheGigCoach@aol.com for more information.

Promo Kits That Rock

The hardest thing about the entertainment business is not the long hours of practice and preparation you put in; The hardest thing about this business is losing a gig to an inferior competitor, just because they have a more effective promo kit than you have. "Creating a Promo Kit That Gets Gigs" takes you step by step through the process of building a promo kit that stands out from all the competition that wants the same gig you are trying to get. The truth is, your promo will make you -- or break you!   Email: TheGigCoach@aol.com for more information.

Performing With Backing Tracks For Big Bucks

You may have never considered using backing tracks to perform as a solo, duo, or trio act, but after you read this book I can almost guarantee you will think differently. I've been creating and performing with track music since the early days of MIDI in the 1980's, and I can assure you that getting paid as much as a full band gets, when you're just a solo act, is a very good thing! This book will show you how to find great sounding ready-made tracks, and how to tweak MIDI tracks to make them sound better than any live players ever could. Track performance is the main component to consistent work as a professional entertainer.   Email: TheGigCoach@aol.com for more information.